I would like to thank:
Professors Achim Menges and Jan Knippers for providing indispensable resources and spaces at the institute that helped bring this project to life.
Marshall Prado and Moritz Doerstelmann for their advice and support, but also for the inspiring original initiative on the subject of aerial fabrication, without which this proect would not have happened.
Professor Volker Schwieger, for introducing the methods of machine guidance in construction, which became an irreplaceable part of this project.
Otto Lerke, for help on working with geodetic Total Station.
Christian Molter, for useful discussions on multirotor technology and for helping with building prototypes.
Also thanks to:
Numerous people at Akamodell Stuttgart Airplane Modeling Club
State Office for Geoinformation and Land Development of Baden-Württemberg

I’m sincerely grateful to my mother and father for doing everything in their power to help me achieve my goals. Thank you!