Artyom Maxim

Professional Summary

Architect, multidisciplinary specialist with focus on robotics, mechanical design, electronic systems and programming. Strongly believes in the future of abundance by means of accelerating technological progress.


Architectural / Computational  / Mechanical / Electrical Design

Robotics / 3D Printing / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Electronics / Radio Communication/ Sensors / Microcontrollers

Computer Vision / Satellite Navigation / Tachymetric Guidance

IIOT / Wireless Mesh Networks / Web Microservices Design / Databases


Architectural design - Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Revit, Autocad, 3ds Max

Graphic design - Photoshop, AfterEffects, InDesign, Illustrator, ZBrush

Mechanical design - Solidworks prototyping

CNC fabrication - KUKA KR 125, Connex Objet 500, Omax Waterjet

Electrical Design - Altium schematic and PCB design

Robotics - ROS (Robot Operating System)

Programming - Python, C, C++, Lua, Arduino

Electronics - microcontrollers, sensors, interfaces

IT - Heroku, Postgres, Influx

Work Experience

VP of Engineering at Prediccio

Autodesk Pier 9 Artist in Residence

IOT systems freelance developer

Research Assistant at Stuttgart University

Co-founder and Engineer at “3D Print Lab” and “AXIO Drone”

Commercial architectural 3D visualization freelance designer


2014 - Master of Architecture degree  - Technical University of Moldova

2016 - Master of Science in Integrative Technologies - Stuttgart University


2011-2012 - commercial visualization

2012 - attended the SmartGeometry conference

2012-2013 - a series of commercial digital fabrication projects

2013 - participation in the National Contest for EXPO2015

2013 - development of a custom built 3d printer

2014 - development of an internet-controlled drone

2015 - M.Sc in Stuttgart University, ITECH program

2016 - Master Thesis on Autonomous Aerial Construction

2016 - UAV Tachymetric Guidance paper first author

2017 - Resident Maker at Autodesk Pier 9

2017-present - VP of Engineering at Prediccio